Thoughts from Counselors

I got a bad grade, what now?

Now that we are heading into October, our students are starting to receive feedback and evaluations on exams, projects and papers. We celebrate all of our students’ accomplishments and encourage them to make improvements when necessary. While a low grade can be discouraging, we believe it is an opportunity for growth. Fortunately, there is a… Continue reading I got a bad grade, what now?


Counselors Visit the NCLCA Conference

As some of you know, a few of our counselors have traveled out to Charleston, South Carolina this week. The annual conference for the National College Learning Center Association invited our very own Brandi and Jac to present at the conference. Brandi gave an awesome presentation about training tutors to work with students with learning… Continue reading Counselors Visit the NCLCA Conference


The TECHniques Center Partners with the Burkhart Center for Autism Research and Education

For the last two years, the TECHniques Center has been an integral partner with Project CASE: Connections for Academic Success and Employment, a grant project with the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research at Texas Tech University. This grant project connects students with developmental disabilities who want to obtain a postsecondary academic degree or… Continue reading The TECHniques Center Partners with the Burkhart Center for Autism Research and Education

Tutor Spotlight

Tutor Spotlight: Collin Funkhouser

My name is Collin Funkhouser and I am a graduate student from Missouri. I received my undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Marine Sciences from Missouri State University in 2010. I have been involved in several areas of research, including alligator snapping turtles, white tailed deer, invasive snails, fish, and bats. I… Continue reading Tutor Spotlight: Collin Funkhouser


We Have a Blog!

Hey everyone! There are a lot of exciting things happening around here at the TECHniques Center at Texas Tech University. Fall is finally in the air after a long, hot summer. Students are cracking open their textbooks for the first round of tests coming up this week and next week. The Red Raider football team… Continue reading We Have a Blog!