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I got a bad grade, what now?

Now that we are heading into October, our students are starting to receive feedback and evaluations on exams, projects and papers. We celebrate all of our students’ accomplishments and encourage them to make improvements when necessary. While a low grade can be discouraging, we believe it is an opportunity for growth. Fortunately, there is a lot of time left in the semester and positive changes can be made. Here are some tips as to how to bring up those low grades and make improvements.

  • We encourage you to meet with your professor or TA. Building a relationship with your professors can increase your understanding and engagement with the content. By taking the time to look over your past exams and ask questions, your teacher might be able to offer valuable insight into the mistakes that you made. Furthermore, you will be able to find patterns in your errors which will influence your future studying strategies.
  • Think back to the past exams, how did you study? Did you use notecards, a study guide, a study group, ect? What content did you understand best and how did you learn it? By evaluating your study strategies you might find that your favorite technique is actually not benefiting you. It is still early in the semester and there is plenty of time to find what works best for you.
  • Work with your tutors and academic counselors to brainstorm new study strategies. A review game, practice test, study guide, note-cards, discussion, or new techniques might benefit you best.
  • Now that you have finished your first rounds of exams, you know what to expect. This greater understand of the professor’s expectations can help you to study smart. You can now cater your study sessions and understanding of the materials to best fit the exam format.
  •  Do not wait until the night before your next exam to make these changes. Spend a little time each and every day to digest and understand the content. By dividing the material into manageable pieces, you will be less overwhelmed and more prepared for upcoming assignments.
  • Most importantly, do not get discouraged! Continue to put forth your best effort! We believe in you and know you can succeed!

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