Why Work at the TECHniques Center?

By Mikhail Rybalko

Mikhail Rybalko is a PhD candidate in Political Science who is also a tutor with our program.  Below, he shares some of his thoughts on why he loves working here and what makes being a tutor a great job.

picture of Mikhail Rybalko

Why work at the TECHniques Center?  There are three main reasons – students, employees, and the working (learning) environment.

First of all, I have found the students who use the services of the TECHniques Center really want to learn new things. This is the place on campus where I have seen the most motivated, and in some ways, ideal students. They really want to be here, overcoming many difficulties and obstacles. These students have a very strong incentive to graduate from this university.

Next, the people who work in this center are all highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work. They are always friendly, cheerful, optimistic, and open. This is the place on campus where all employees are happy to see each other.  The whole team of counselors, staff, and tutors is enthusiastic about working here and giving encouragement, support, and motivation to students. The tutors and employees constantly work as role models, which can also benefit their personal development and future careers.

Lastly, if you think about many prestigious universities, the key to their success is small classes, constant interaction with instructors, and one-on-one sessions – everything I have seen provided by the TECHniques Center.  I have found that the constant interaction with student and tutors here creates a genuine academic environment enriching to both students and tutors. Tutors have constant learning opportunities for additional trainings, guest lectures, and meetings that help you learn multiple learning strategies. Tutors can receive their CRLA tutor certification at the end of the semester, but the whole experience of working here is the best asset for tutor’s career. This work is really beneficial for anyone who wants to become a university instructor, professor, teacher, administrators, and many other specialists.

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