Tutor Spotlight

Tutor Spotlight: Ivette Noriega

My name is Ivette Noriega and I am a second year Post-Baccalaureate PhD student in Human Development and Family Studies. I am originally from the El Paso-Cd. Juarez area, but I have been living in Lubbock for about six years. I completed my BA in Psychology at Texas Tech University and have had the great privilege to work on-campus for most of my undergraduate and graduate career.

I have been working at the TECHniques Center since Spring 2010 where most of my tutoring has focused on human science courses and languages (Spanish, French, and recently Italian!). Since the start, the TECHniques center has always focused on catering to specific student needs and teaching them essential skills to excel both in the classroom and the real world. Not only do I tutor students, but I also have the opportunity to guide them in application processes for scholarships and study abroad, help them in professional building such as practicing mock interviews, and even teach students how to be proactive in their internship and job searches.

As one of the veteran tutors, I have had the privilege to work with amazing freshmen and sophomore students who I have seen grow at the TECHniques to ultimately graduate successfully and get great jobs in their fields. This is probably the most rewarding part of my job. It has been a great experience for me working here every year, and I am very happy to be part of such a supportive network of peers, tutors, and counselors.

I plan to continue working at the TECHniques center as long as I can since I deeply enjoy the environment and work relationships I have developed throughout the years, as well as the connections I have made with so many of my students. This job is not only rewarding but it is challenging and every day you will learn something new. Being a tutor at the TECHniques center is definitely one of the best on-campus jobs at Texas Tech!

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