Tutor Spotlight

Tutor Spotlight: JJ Taylor

My name is JJ Taylor and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in General Business here at Texas Tech. I graduated from high school in 2009, and after spending one year at a junior college, I transferred to Tech in Fall 2010. During my college career I have had the opportunity to intern with Bell Helicopter and Gulfstream Aerospace, working as a Manufacturing Engineer on one of the most advanced civilian jets in the world. Once I obtain my Bachelor’s degree in May, I plan on starting graduate school to get my Master’s degree in Systems and Engineering Management.

I started at the TECHniques Center in the fall of 2011, and have been a Master Tutor for the past year. While here, I have tutored many freshman and sophomore engineering students, as well as some junior and seniors. I always do my best to prepare my students that are entering the College of Engineering for what lies ahead. Engineering degrees are some of the hardest on campus, with most people who start the degree not making it to the end. For that reason, I push my students to do the absolute best they can when it comes to school, because without self-determination they will never make it through.

In addition to helping students succeed, what makes the TECHniques Center a great place to work is the staff. In my 5 semesters there, I have had the privilege of working with several great counselors. Their commitment to their students and the tutors is what makes the center so great. I can honestly say that I consider the staff at the TECHniques Center to be my family away from home.

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