Thoughts from Counselors

No Tricks: October was a Treat

October was a sweet month filled with events, awards, celebrations and candy! Below is a quick glimpse into our October.

Tutors of the month

We started the month off with the recognition of three outstanding superhero tutors! Mikhail Rybalko, Lindsey York and Mark Galvan were acknowledged for their contributions to the TECHniques Center.

Picture of heart shaped pizza with text "He Heart Pizza and You"        Collin is excited about the popcorn machine

In honor of International Tutor Appreciation Week, we celebrated Tutor and Student Appreciation Day with snacks, pizza and popcorn!

Tutor with pie on his face

Our incredible team of Master Tutors planned a “Pie Your Tutor” fundraiser. Students, tutors and counselors payed $2 to pie a tutor and $3 to pie a counselor. In total $160 was raised and donated to Refuge Services through the State Employee Charitable Campaign.

Brandi, Hannah, Jo Lynne and Kyla with the award

Our very own Jo Lynne was awarded the prestigious Top Techsan Award for her service and dedication to the University. We are so proud of her outstanding accomplishment!

bag of goodies and cards

Our loving, kind and generous tutors and student surprised us with Counselor Appreciation Day! We are so grateful for the thoughtfulness they put into our cards and gifts! Thank you for making our day, everyday.

Carol and Brandi holding awards

Carol and Brandi were honored with two of the Distinguished Staff Awards this year!!! Carol received the Matador Distinguished Staff Award and Brandi was given with the Masked Rider Distinguished Staff Award! Congratulations!

Staff dressed in halloween costumes

We celebrate Halloween in costumes at the TECHniques Center. Our mummy counselor had too much fun scaring us all!

two painted pumpkins awarded first and second place

Students, tutors and counselors had the opportunity to paint pumpkins as a relaxing study break. These two boo-tiful pumpkins won first and second place!

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