I Think I’ll Go To Boston

Last week academic counselors Laura, Brandi, Carol, and Hannah had the opportunity to travel to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the 46th annual College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) conference. At it’s most basic, CRLA describes itself as “a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level.”

I, Hannah, have never been on a conference, or to Boston, so I thought I could write a post from the view of a first time attendee. When we first got to Boston, we arrived when it was dark. We drove to the Back Bay district and stayed at a wonderful old hotel there. That first full day, Brandi and Carol presented during pre-conference. They spoke for just around 3 hours about how we train our tutoring staff at the TECHniques Center. There was a full house in attendance to hear about how the TC presents different topics like Policies & Procedures, How To Tutor and Learning Disability Simulations. There were a lot of questions and good discussion on how to best train tutors to help college students.



During the course of the week, we were able to select different sessions to attend. I attended ones on tutor training, autism spectrum disorders, peer tutors leading tutor training, and many others. My favorite session was on anxiety in college students. The presenter gave a unique and thoughtful process on how to help students acknowledge, accept, and overcome their anxious thoughts. I am excited to use similar techniques in my interactions with students and tutors. Many sessions were very engaging and included games and interactive trainings. Laura was a good sport and volunteered to be a part of a tutor bonding exercise.


After sessions on some days we were able to tour Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail and saw several American history sites, went to the Museum of Fine Arts, got coffee and walked through the Boston Commons, and ate at the second oldest restaurant in Boston.

IMG_5728 IMG_5655 IMG_5679 IMG_5771 IMG_5712


I had a great time at my first conference, and I am excited to be able to bring new ideas and information to our tutors and our students!

3 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Go To Boston

  1. As the parent of TC student at Texas Tech I appreciate this post about the tutors’ Boston experience. Tech is very special in that it offers this service to students who might not be able to adjust to college academics without help. It’s great to know that Tech tutors are sharing what the TC does and are also learning how to be better tutors & to bring back new ideas to the TC! Very impressive! Keep up the great work & Wreck ‘Em Tech!🔫⬆️

  2. Thanks, Johnnie, for the kind words. We are fortunate to not only be a part of the TECHniques Center. but also to be able to attend conferences to gain new ideas and more ways to make the TECHniques Center wonderful for students and tutors.

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