Thoughts from Counselors

Fall 2013 — An Outstanding Semester for the TECHniques Center

As our students, tutors and staff finish up the last day of the semester, we have so much to celebrate. The TECHniques Center has continued to grow and flourish this semester. As we pop our popcorn, order pizza, play games and celebrate our students’ outstanding accomplishments we have some exciting numbers to share!

7,212.55 hours of tutoring — Each tutoring session is held one-on-one between a tutor and student. These tutors sessions focus on everything from academic content, organization, time and stress management, and more.

303 tweets — Have you followed us on twitter yet? The TECHniques Center actively utilizes social media to engage and interact with both our students and the Texas Tech community at large.

181 students — The TECHniques Center provided one-on-one tutoring, academic counseling and services for 181 students this semester.

93 tutors — We were fortunate to have such an incredible group of motivated, involved and truly outstanding student employees this semester.

66 pizzas — We like to celebrate our students and tutors! We actively demonstrate our appreciation throughout the semester with two different appreciation day and an end of the year party today!

49 hours per week — The TECHniques Center is open Monday through Thursday 8am to 6pm and Friday 8am to 5pm. Students utilize this academic space to meet with tutors and study independently.

17 new computers — We are excited to have new, state of the art technology in our center. Our students and tutors are loving our new computers.

15 weeks — Our students and tutors worked diligently each and every week of the semester.

12 hour training — At the beginning of the semester, we required our new tutors to attend a two day (12 hour total) intensive training to prepare them for their first semesters at the TECHniques Center. Returning tutors joined us for the second day of training to further develop their professional tutoring skills. All tutors receive additional training through the semester.

9 full-time employees — The TECHniques Center is directed, coordinated and run by an outstanding team of full-time employees.

7 master tutors — Master Tutors are experienced tutors who act as mentors, facilitate with training, hold office hours, and offer overall guidance and support for tutors and staff. We appreciate all that they do for the TECHniques Center.

5 graduating seniors — This December, we have the honor of celebrating the graduation of five of our outstanding senior students. They have worked so diligently over the past years and we are so proud to watch them walk across the stage and receive their hard-earned diplomas! Congratulations graduates!

3 staff awards — JoLynne was recognized as a Top Techsan, Carol received the Matador Distinguished Staff Award, and Brandi was given with the Masked Rider Distinguished Staff Award! Congratulations!

2 conferences — In September, TECHniques staff members attended the NCLCA Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. In November, we visited Boston for the CRLA Conference. We were honored with the opportunity to not only attend but also present at each of these conferences. We are grateful for the opportunity to travel and continue to develop our program.

1 and only — The TECHniques Center is proudly the only program of its kind in the state of Texas.

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