Thoughts from Counselors

Thank you for your support!

The TECHniques Center would like to give a special THANK YOU! to those of you support us financially.  Your contributions to the TECHniques Center Fund For Excellence support us in our mission to make education available to those who learn differently.  Here are some of the ways your donations have recently supported our program and… Continue reading Thank you for your support!


The Importance of Accommodations

By Shelley  Ducatt Associate Director Student Disability Services Do you underestimate the importance of your Letters of Accommodation (LOA)?  Letters of accommodation are more than just a piece of paper we encourage you hand out to your faculty members.  The LOA communicates to your faculty members the areas in which you need extra support in… Continue reading The Importance of Accommodations


back to school, back to school

Happy New Year!! We hope everyone had a long, lovely break from school, work and all things stressful! As we prepare for the start of a new semester, we wanted to share a few important dates for our students and tutors. Students Class begins Wednesday, January 15. Be sure to finalize your schedules and notify your… Continue reading back to school, back to school