Thoughts from Counselors

Thank you for your support!

The TECHniques Center would like to give a special THANK YOU! to those of you support us financially.  Your contributions to the TECHniques Center Fund For Excellence support us in our mission to make education available to those who learn differently.  Here are some of the ways your donations have recently supported our program and students:

  • Updated computers throughout the Center
  • TECHniques Center t-shirts to help tutors develop a sense of community
  • Replaced/repaired broken furniture
  • Added more dry erase boards throughout the Center
  • Snacks and drinks for two Student and Tutor Appreciation Days
  • Whiteboard paint for three walls in the Center (coming Summer 2014)

We are grateful for the support of all our students, their families, and our donors.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

For more information on the TECHniques Center Fund for Excellence, contact our office or click here:

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