Tutor Spotlight

Tutor Spotlight: Nick Robertson

Hi there! My name is Nick Robertson, and I am a master tutor at the Techniques center. I am an MBA student at the Rawls College of Business, and went to Texas Tech for my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. This is my first semester as a Master Tutor, but I have been tutoring for the Techniques Center since Fall of 2012. I have had a blast working here and helping the students work here. I am from Houston originally, and having a wonderful group of people to work together with and go to school with has helped me make Lubbock my home.
Some fun facts about me: I am engaged and getting married this summer, I have written a fiction novel about magic detectives and am in the process of getting published, I have a cat named Loki, and I have an internship this summer in a giant refrigerator. I love working with the Techniques center because I’ve never seen anywhere where so many different types of people with different goals and ideas all work together towards the same end. I really like that everyone gets along with each other and the friendly atmosphere that permeates the entire center.

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