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Registration Tips and FAQs

The semester is flying by and it is already time to start thinking about Summer and Fall 2014 registration. All TECHniques students will register Monday, April 7. Below are a few simple tips and answers to frequently asked questions to facilitate a successful registration! Preparing for Registration: The most important step in preparing for registration is visiting your academic… Continue reading Registration Tips and FAQs

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My Day at the TECHniques Center

My name is Makay Parker I am a junior in the University Studies program, with concentrations in English, Sociology, and Political Science. I will be graduating the fall of 2014. I was born in Houston and then moved to Dallas when I was 14, and graduated from Southlake Carroll high school. I now live in… Continue reading My Day at the TECHniques Center

Thoughts from Counselors

Fight Distraction and Get More Done with This Simple Method

As a counselor at the TECHniques Center, one of the things that I hear most often from my students is that they have difficulty focusing. For many of my students, this is due to a struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder. A short attention span, though, is not only an issue that individuals with ADD have… Continue reading Fight Distraction and Get More Done with This Simple Method

Thoughts from Counselors

Be The One To Make It Happen

On February 8, Texas Tech University hosted its inaugural TEDx event. TEDx is an independently organized and executed TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. This event showcased local talent, research and speakers. I was touched by one speaker’s story and could not wait to share it with all of you. Nancy Shugart shared her authentic experience… Continue reading Be The One To Make It Happen

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Tips for Successful Writing

Nick Robertson Master Tutor College brings together people of many different talents and skills. Everyone is capable in different fields, but there is a certain expectation of skills. There are certain things that everyone needs to know to be successful in college, and one expectation that comes up time and time again is the ability… Continue reading Tips for Successful Writing

Thoughts from Tutors

How to Effectively Use Prep Time – March Team Meeting Topic

Ashley Vatzlavick Master Tutor Monthly team meetings are this week at the TECHniques Center and we are here to fill you in on what we are talking about! This month’s topic is Prep Time and how our tutors can utilize it in their tutoring sessions. So you ask, what is this “prep time”? Well for… Continue reading How to Effectively Use Prep Time – March Team Meeting Topic