Thoughts from Counselors

Spring Break Tips

Spring Break is coming up soon for Tech students (March 17th -21st). This is a great time for students to relax and have fun. It is important for student to have this period of rest so they can come back renewed physically, mentally, and emotionally. What are some tips to having a fun and safe Spring Break? Read below!

Many students will be spending time with friends at the beach, mountains, or other exciting destinations. Tons of memories will be made, but it is important to stay safe and healthy:

1) Be sure to stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget that you should drink tons of water, especially if the intense sun on the beach or the slopes, but the last thing you want to do is make a trip to the emergency room because of dehydration. My favorite to water bottle to carry with me everywhere is my Nalgene.

2) Don’t go anywhere alone. When traveling to a new area, or an area known for being a Spring Break destination, there can be many people who might take advantage of vacationers. Be aware of your surroundings, know when you are supposed to meet somewhere, and have the numbers of all of your traveling buddies stored in your phone. There are several smart phone apps to help aid in your safety, including Safe Travel (, which can notify certain contacts if you do not tell the app you have made it to your location safely.

3) Bring cash. We live in an age of debit and credit cards, but sometimes the safety of cash cannot be beat. Cash is great for quick bottles of water, used for tips, or tolls if you are driving.

4) Use your travel time to study or get ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling two hours or twenty, Spring Break is a great time to review all 200 of your Anatomy and Physiology note cards, or get a head start on that 15 page paper that is due two weeks after you get back. Take turns driving with your friends, or be sure to pack your study materials in your carry-on!

Some students will head back to their hometowns or stay in Lubbock. Here are some tips to maximize your break:

1) Catch up with family and friends from home. There will come a time when you no longer get a designated week off to hang out with those you love that have always been a part of your life. Utilize it to the fullest!

2) Jumpstart or revitalize your fitness. Been in a rut with staying active at college? Use this time to go to some yoga or kickboxing classes at your local gym, walk your dog daily, or create a meal plan and database of awesome (and healthy!) recipes for the rest of your semester. Check out our Master Tutor, Rachel’s, blog on the TECHniques Center’s Running Club or check out and follow our Healthy Living board on Pinterest:

3) Read something for fun. We all know that reading makes us smarter. It also gives us something to talk about with people at the airport and with our TC counselors. I love using this site for new suggestions:

4) Again, use this time to get ahead on schoolwork. There will always be those few hours at home where we are bored to pieces. Go ahead and knock out two problem sets for College Algebra or write out all of your upcoming test dates in your planner.

Remember that Spring Break should be fun and restorative, but also remember to stay safe and come back in one piece on the 24th!

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