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How to Effectively Use Prep Time – March Team Meeting Topic

Ashley Vatzlavick
Master Tutor

Monthly team meetings are this week at the TECHniques Center and we are here to fill you in on what we are talking about! This month’s topic is Prep Time and how our tutors can utilize it in their tutoring sessions. So you ask, what is this “prep time”? Well for those of you who are unaware, prep time is a useful tool tutors can use to further prepare their students. Specifically, Prep time is the time you spend reviewing material or making helpful resources for your student outside the tutoring session.

One of the main questions I receive as a Master Tutor is about prep time. Tutors will ask, “What are different ways I can use prep time”? Or, “I’m having a hard time finding a way to use prep time with my students courses, What can I do”? Well, there are many ways to include prep time in your tutoring and it’s up to you on how creative you can get!

What does Prep Time look like?

  • Creating a practice test or quiz
  • Creating a study guide
  • Reviewing the student’s notes or a textbook to refresh your skills
  • Working a few of the student’s problems so you are prepared for the session
  • Creating a mind map to help explain a concept
  • Creating a unique game or activity to incorporate during tutoring
  • Creating note cards or flashcards for your student
  • Planning out tutoring sessions

Still stuck? We have resources all over the office that can ease your mind. First off, simply asking other tutors or counselors about ideas can get your mind rolling. We also have the prep time example binders up at the MT desk that serves as a helpful resource. Don’t forget our awesome Pinterest page! Guys, this may be the time to finally make that pinterest account…

Although it is sometimes hard to fit in prep time with our tutor’s busy schedules, it’s a resource that will help make tutoring sessions more engaging. Plus, your students will feel so encouraged that you went out of your way to aid them in their studies. Now, take these tips and your creative minds to come up with something amazing!

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