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My Day at the TECHniques Center

My name is Makay Parker I am a junior in the University Studies program, with concentrations in English, Sociology, and Political Science. I will be graduating the fall of 2014. I was born in Houston and then moved to Dallas when I was 14, and graduated from Southlake Carroll high school. I now live in Austin Texas. This semester I am taking a creative writing class. Kyla Shannon has asked me to write for the Techniques Center blog.

Walking, through the doors I see Jo Lynn; she waves and asks me how my day is going. I nudge and say it is a great day she then listens to Alicia Keys. Brandi walks by and says hello I say hello back even though I always forget her name (I usually remember five minutes later). Then I have my weekly meeting with Kyla. Kyla ask how my weekend went and how my family is doing, and then asks about my classes. I joke and tell her I got a zero on a midterm. Kyla just looks at me and shakes her head, and we end our meeting. Then I see Jac who was tired from running in the running club. He says hello and then says that Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the Manning family. I then see my tutor we talk about my classes, and my weekend, and how to get better grades. I walk out of the Techniques Center feeling more confident and ready to conquer the day. That is my day at the Techniques Center

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