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How to Manage Being SAD: Stress, Anxiety & Depression

As Final season approaches, students tend to get stressed, anxious, or depressed (SAD). It just takes one google search of “College students + stress” to find a multitude of information and resources on what this means and how best to navigate these waters. I wanted to provide a few resources we like to use at the TECHniques Center and on Tech’s campus that might be beneficial to our students.

Meditate: is a great resource for online-guided meditation. Just remembering to take a few minutes to relax your mind and take deep breaths can help you to release stress and reevaluate the causes of your SAD.

Set some goals: Goal setting can help students to make a plan so there are no last minute surprise assignments or realizations that they have 3 tests they need to study for on the same day. There is a whole board in the hallway of the TECHnique’s Center that is dedicated to making SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

What Went Well (The power of positive thinking): Research in the field of Positive Psychology often states that life is 10% of what happens and 90% what you think about what happens. Our minds are a powerful instrument to achieve happiness. One exercise that you can do to help encourage positive thinking (and therefore less SAD-ness) is What Went Well. Each day, for 21 days, write down three little things of what went well that day. They have to be new each day, but they can be as simple as “I ate the best strawberry I’ve ever tasted.” Check out way more information on this exercise and others at

On campus resources: Be sure to check out on campus resources like the Mind-Body Spa ( where you can meditate and sit in massage chairs, or go to the Rec center to work out and create some stress balancing hormones. You can find a list of classes here:

And remember, sometimes all you need is to play with a cute puppy. On May 1st, from 11-2pm, we are having some dogs from a local animal shelter, come on campus for our students to play with and have some fun. Check out this article from USA Today about dogs and stress relief:

Remember, counselors and tutors are here to help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Please feel free to talk to us if you experience any of these things during this busy time in your life!


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