Thoughts from Counselors

Appreciation Day

One afternoon, a student in need emailed her tutor frantically declaring that she was stranded in the middle of the street without gas. This outstanding tutor, out of the kindness and generosity in her heart, went to a local gas station, filled up a tank of gas, and hand delivered it to the student. This tutor helped the student to get her car started and the two of them returned to the TECHniques Center to work on statistics homework.

This moment of selfless service and kindness touches my heart and is only one of many this semester. As a counselor in the TECHniques Center, I am blown away by our incredible tutors. These tutors not only facilitate academic success, but they are friends in times of need, a listening ear when life is tough, a cheerleader, a mentor, a hero and so much more.

Our students are equally as inspiring. We see them working harder than ever before to achieve their personal best GPA. We watch them fight through tears as they strive to fulfill their potential. We witness them pushing towards their goals and dreams. And we have the honor of celebrating life’s success with them.

On April 30, we will celebrate Student and Tutor Appreciation Day with pizza, snacks and games in honor of a semesters worth of hard work and dedication. We invite you to celebrate with us by donating to the TECHniques Center Fund for Excellence. These gifts can be used to shower our students and tutors with treats, gratitude, and appreciation.


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