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TC BuzzFeed: 10 Signs You’re an Outstanding Summer School Student

1. You are well aware that Summer I begins Tuesday, June 3. You have checked your schedule for the location and time of class. You plan to arrive perfectly on-time with all the necessary note-taking materials.   2. You will attend every class, throughout the entire summer session. You know summer school moves quickly and you would never want… Continue reading TC BuzzFeed: 10 Signs You’re an Outstanding Summer School Student

Thoughts from Counselors

Don’t Waste Your Summer!

How to Use Your Summer to Get Ahead The stress of finals has gradually faded into the rear view mirror, and summer has begin. Although some students are taking summer school and some are going to be working full time jobs and internship others have strategically planned these next few months in order to do… Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Summer!

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Summer Break: Have Fun and Keep at it!

Ivette Noriega Master Tutor Everyone is excited to start summer and finally have a break after a semester full of course work, exams, and projects. This time usually involves extra long periods of sleep, fun activities with friends and family, Netflix, and some deserved time at the pool. In the next coming weeks, it should… Continue reading Summer Break: Have Fun and Keep at it!

Thoughts from Counselors

Giving Back

The TECHniques Center has been very fortunate to have those who have cared enough about the cause to support us and our students. In the Month of April the TECHniques Center was able to support other programs and charitable events. On April 26th the TECHniques Center took part in the Second Annual March of Dimes walk that… Continue reading Giving Back