Thoughts from Tutors

Summer Break: Have Fun and Keep at it!

Ivette Noriega
Master Tutor

Everyone is excited to start summer and finally have a break after a semester full of course work, exams, and projects. This time usually involves extra long periods of sleep, fun activities with friends and family, Netflix, and some deserved time at the pool.


In the next coming weeks, it should also be important to continue learning!

Sometimes students do not attend summer school and have three solid months of leisure and vacation time. Unfortunately, you might feel the effects of your limited academic activities when you step into your class in the Fall and you notice your writing is a little sloppier and slower.

During this summer, make sure you take a break, sleep, and enjoy yourself. My best recommendation is to not completely block out academics or course work out of your life. The following list provides some quick tips on how to keep at it, even if you’re not taking summer classes:

1. Read a book


Been busy the whole semester to sit down and read an interesting book? Now this is your time to do so. Books can be enriching and relaxing at the same time. Make sure to stop by a book store or your local library to find interesting and fun reads this summer.

2. Pick up a hobby


Summer is a great time to try new things. The added advantage of having extra time can give you more patience in learning how to make a new dish or how to play an instrument. The key here is to maintain your activity levels up. Picking up a new hobby will definitely enforce the learning environment your brain was in.

3. Volunteer


Volunteering in a local organization at least once a week will make you feel great about giving back to your community. Summer volunteering opportunities can be found online or in local centers of your choice. Working with others and learning new things each time will greatly benefit your emotional and mental wellbeing. Not only is it good for the brain, but also for the heart.

4. Do an internship


Internships are becoming valuable in today’s market. An internship in an area you would like to work on after graduating college can give you a lot of learning opportunities about the job position you’re interested in, provide you with networking opportunities, and give you insight on the career experiences you will need. Not only will you mentally be applying new skills to this future career but you will also be building your resume.

5. Start a new individual project


This could be a time to work on something you have always wanted to make. Individual projects can involve crafts, a school project you are interested in, or even a fitness goal. You will feel more proactive about your days and your brain will thank you for it.

Remember to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and have fun! We are looking forward to seeing all our students and tutors for Fall 2014!

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