Thoughts from Counselors

TC BuzzFeed: 10 Signs You’re an Outstanding Summer School Student

1. You are well aware that Summer I begins Tuesday, June 3. You have checked your schedule for the location and time of class. You plan to arrive perfectly on-time with all the necessary note-taking materials.



2. You will attend every class, throughout the entire summer session. You know summer school moves quickly and you would never want to miss any information. Hang in there, it is only 4 weeks and won’t last —-



3. You will request, pick up and complete your Letter of Accommodations from the Student Disability Services in a timely manner.



4. You are overflowing with joy that you get to meet with your counselor regularly (at least once a week) throughout summer session.



5. You love setting a routine and schedule with your tutor. You will attend every tutoring session with your notes and materials to optimize your academic success!



6. You plan to study every day and stay on top of all of your homework. Summer school fits an entire semester into 4 weeks and you understand the intensity of the work-load.



7. You know when to ask for help and you aren’t afraid to visit office hours, visit with your counselor and ask for specific support from your tutors.



8. You are excited for the wonderful opportunity to dive deep with the content this summer. In a typical semester, you have to balance 3-5 courses; this summer you can focus on 1 or 2!


9. Even though it is summer, you maintain your focus on academics. You take appropriate study breaks and continue a healthy eating and sleeping routine.



10. You are always doing your best, and we are so proud! We look forward to having some of our students and tutors back for Summer I and II 🙂


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