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Master Tutor Spotlight: Cara Bailey

My name is Cara Bailey and I’m a Business Management major with a minor in Human Resource Development. I will be graduating in December 2014 from the Rawls College of Business. Afterwards, I hope to start working in the field of HR, specifically the training aspect. I am from Arlington, Texas and was born into… Continue reading Master Tutor Spotlight: Cara Bailey

Thoughts from Counselors

Welcome Back!!

Summer is over! Classes are here! There is the smell of brand new syllabi and learning in the air! Transition back into the semester can be hard! Here are a few things to think about when coming off of summer break. Routine/Schedule: Get those planners and to-do lists out and get busy! Take a look… Continue reading Welcome Back!!

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Getting To Know Michael

Hi there! My name is Michael Abbott, and I recently began my career as a TECHniques Center (TC) Counselor early in August 2014. I am very excited to be helping students build tools and reach their goals through the experiences, trainings, and techniques that I have learned. I hope to further the success of the… Continue reading Getting To Know Michael