Tutor Spotlight

Master Tutor Spotlight: Cara Bailey

My name is Cara Bailey and I’m a Business Management major with a minor in Human Resource Development. I will be graduating in December 2014 from the Rawls College of Business. Afterwards, I hope to start working in the field of HR, specifically the training aspect. I am from Arlington, Texas and was born into a Red Raider family. My mom graduated from Texas Tech, as did my brother who is now in his final year in the law program here at Tech.

This will be my first and last semester as a Master tutor, but I’ve worked for the TECHniques Center since spring 2013.I love working at the TC because tutoring can be so rewarding. Seeing students achieve their goals and gain confidence in their academic skills is always amazing to watch. My best moment as a tutor was when one of my students made their first A in an English class. All throughout his life he had scraped by with C’s and the occasional low B. Many of his teachers had told him that he wouldn’t make it past the first round of English classes in college. When he earned that A he was so excited that he made a special trip up to the TC just so he could tell me in person. I have loved every moment of my time with the TECHniques center and it will be one of the things I miss the most when I graduate.

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