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So often, reading consists of students blankly staring at a page for several minutes before turning to the next. This method of mindless reading involves minimum effort or thought; as a result, students learn and retain little to nothing. A simple change in approach can transform a student’s reading experience. SQ3R is a wonderful strategy used to enhance engagement with written text while increasing the acquisition of new knowledge. Survey. Question. Read. Recite. Review. 5 Simple steps to revolutionize your reading. Get out your textbook, article, novel, lecture notes, or any other form of written text and give it a try. With some practice, you can be a SQ3R Pro!


Survey This simply means to scan the written material. The quick review should reveal the general content and structure of the concepts. Scan the headings, subheadings, topic sentences of paragraphs, graphics, and pictures. This will provide a clear overview of the information to be covered.
Question Develop questions concerning what the materials are about. As the learner scans the material, generate questions to be answered later by careful reading.
Read Read all the material carefully and look for the answers to the questions that were developed. Learners should take notes as they read the material, which expands on the concepts and answers to the questions.
Recite Learners should rephrase notes into their own words. Enabling learners to understand their own thoughts and meaning.
Review Learners should periodically review their notes to keep the information fresh in their minds. Reviewing is an intentional, intense, and active process, not a passive process.

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