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How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Things Done

By Samantha Ward Master Tutor As we are halfway through the semester, and finals are just around the corner, it seems that to do lists are piling higher and higher. I have always been a person that loves a to- do list, and I have always liked helping my students make to-do lists. However, after… Continue reading How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Things Done

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Midterm Madness Survival Guide

By Rachel Onishi Master Tutor Go to your professor’s office hours. Professors usually want to know you and they want to see you succeed in their class. Go shopping, or call mom and dad, and create a study survival kit. Ideas for items to include: favorite snacks/candy, energy drink/coffee, new pens or pencils (pick fun… Continue reading Midterm Madness Survival Guide

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How to Ace Your Online Course

By Cara Bailey Master Tutor Online courses are great because they’re convenient, flexible, and usually have fewer students than the typical on-campus lecture. However, they require students to take a different approach to their education. Online courses are not for everyone. They require a large amount of organization and self-motivation. If you have those qualities… Continue reading How to Ace Your Online Course