Thoughts from Tutors

Battling Procrastination

By Nick Robertson
Master Tutor


Hey everyone, as a Master Tutor and a student, I see procrastination in all its forms. We’re barreling through the second half of the semester and due dates and projects are piling up. So much stress is caused by impending due dates. You can save yourself a lot of stress and trouble by planning ahead and making sure that your work comes in manageable bites.

Here’s some tips to help avoid procrastination and manage your time.

1. Be self-aware- There are days when you might feel stressed for no reason. There’s a solution to this problem more often than not. Are things beginning to pile up in the back of your mind? Due dates can weigh on you, and you need to realize that your problems could be several projects coming, rather than the fact that they didn’t have your favorite French fries at the SUB.

2. Manage your time – If you set a schedule and keep to it, giving yourself a designated time to work on those big papers coming up, you can make your relaxation time that much more relaxing. The feeling of getting your job done for the day is pretty fantastic, and the overall stress relief of knowing that everything is under control because YOU managed your time is hard to overestimate.

3. Break everything into manageable bites – If you plan for a certain amount of time a day to be put into studying and projects, plan for what you are going to use that time for. You could spend one day working on the introduction for the paper and another day perfecting a conclusion. Daily checkpoints give you a sense of relief and accomplishment and should not be underestimated. This also will keep you from wasting your time by getting distracted, because you will have a goal.

4. Set Deadlines – Give yourself your own due date that is ahead of the one your professor sets. This keeps you from having printer problems at the last minute and missing points. Your deadline must be just as real as the one on your syllabus, however. Make sure that you are holding to it. That burst of activity right before a deadline can push you over the edge into finishing your project.

These are just a few tips, but hopefully you will have no problems with getting all of your work done. Managing your stress and being active in your assignments ends up being much less work than putting everything off until the last minute. I hope everyone’s semester is going fantastically!

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