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Life in Lubbock

Julie Szamatulski
Master Tutor

One thing that I constantly heard many years ago when I started telling everyone that I would be attending Texas Tech was, “Oh… you know there’s nothing to do in Lubbock right?”

Wrong. While Lubbock does have all of the options that a bigger city such as Dallas has, Lubbock still has a lot to offer. There are plenty of unique and fun places to visit around town. Texas Tech even has some great options in terms of entertainment as well. I will admit, that my freshman year I did not do anything to exciting here in Lubbock. The reason for this was mainly that I just didn’t know everything that Lubbock had to offer. So as a graduating senior, I’m letting you know a few things you should definitely check off your list of “Things to do in Lubbock,” or maybe even you should add a few of these too it.


Things to do:

At’l Do Farms- The corn maize is open until November 15th!

First Friday Art Trail- November 7th is the next one

Wines and Vines Festival – November 8th and 9th

2014 Turkey Trot- November 27th

Allison House Museum

Buddy Holly Center

American Wind Power Center

Museum of Texas Tech University

Silent Wings Museum

Stars and Stripes Drive In

Places to Eat:

82nd Street Café

Café J

Gardski’s Loft

Orlando’s Italian Restaurant

Cast Iron Grill

Lubbock Breakfast House


Thai Pepper

Gatsby’s Coffee House

Manna Bread and Wine

Giorgio’s Pizza

Capital Pizza

Triple J chophouse and brewing co.

The Arrogant Texan

Texas Tech University Events:

Tab events: Raider games on November 6th

Tab events: Free movie day! Elf is showing all day on December 3rd

Carol of Lights- December 2nd

Texas Tech vs. OU Football game – November 15th

There are several men and women’s basketball games coming up as well!


These are just a few of the different places to go visit, places to eat or upcoming events that are going on in Lubbock. While finals are quickly approaching, please remember that you need to take a little time for yourself too to stay sane. What better way than by experiencing something new?

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