Thoughts from Tutors

Don’t Give Up Now — You’re Almost Done

JJ Taylor
Master Tutor

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is important to remember that there are only three days of class left once the break ends. With that in mind, it is easy to go get overwhelmed with the thought of finals being just a short time away. As you wrap up your semester, keep the following tips in mind to help the transition into winter break proceed smoothly.


  1. Don’t give up on going to class

As annoying as that morning lecture might be, it’s important to go during these last few weeks, even if you haven’t attended in a while. Professors tend to use the end of the semester to review and go over material from the entire course, so going to class will not only help refresh some concepts that have gotten buried in your mind, but might also cut down on studying time later.

  1. Rekindle your Inspirations

Find the sole motivator that sparked your interest and let it light a fire within you. Let it remind and drive you to do your best in your classes.

  1. Go to office hours

Remember that question on the midterm you got wrong? Or that homework assignment that you just didn’t understand? Now is the perfect time to go to your professor’s office hours and talk to him or her about anything that you had difficulty with throughout the course. Your professor will help clarify any confusion that you may be experiencing, plus, you’ll make an impression on him or her right before grades are due.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate!

If you procrastinate on completed your work, the more you get stressed. To prevent stress, make a schedule of what needs to get done and make sure you stick to that schedule. “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today”.

  1. Remember Yourself

Stay healthy. The flu and cold season is here. Many students have already been affected by sickness this semester. Be sure to wash your hands, eat a balanced diet and,in extreme cases, wipe down your desks with a bacteria fighting solution.

  1. Plan your finals study schedule

Whether you have two finals in one day or your exams are more evenly spaced out, it’s important to plan your study schedule in advance so that you have an adequate amount of time to devote to each subject. Is one subject more challenging to you than another? You might want to get a head start on studying for that final, and leave your easier subjects until later.

It might also be helpful to divide your work by chapters or sections so studying doesn’t seem so daunting. If you need to review 30 chapters and have 10 days to study, it’ll seem a lot less depressing when you plan to study three chapters per day for 10 days than if you wait until the last minute and study 15 chapters each day for two days. Though it’s the same total amount of text, giving yourself more time to process all the information will also help you get a better a grade.

  1. Reward yourself for studying hard

The end of the semester is typically a rough, stressful time, so make sure to give yourself time for a break. Use part of Dead Day to just relax and let loose. It’s probably not a great idea to party hard the day before a test, but stepping away from the books for a bit is important for your mental health.

You might think you can cram an endless amount of information into your brain, but that’s just not the case. Our brains function best when they’re rested, so make sure you get enough sleep, especially before big exams. As for after the exams, well, you know what to do.



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