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An Attitude of Gratitude

I am thankful for the opportunity to work at the Techniques Center.  Each time I have visited, I have been welcomed by such warm and friendly faces that I know this is a good place with good people. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday! – Jennifer Maldonado, Tutor

I am thankful for my family and friends. My family supports me in all my endeavors, such as applying and getting into physical therapy school 🙂 they are always there for me in the good times and bad! As for my friends, which of course includes the TECHniques Center family, I love them to death. Y’all never cease to encourage me just when I need the encouragement. Thank you so much! – Taylor Lunsford, Tutor

I’m grateful that I’m graduating. I’m grateful for having this wonderful job at the TECHniques Center while I was here. – Cara Bailey, Tutor

I am so very grateful to get to work with so many different people and personalities each day.  I am challenged and humbled everyday of my job! – Kyla Shannon, Academic Counselor, Unit Coordinator 

I am grateful that I was accepted into Occupational Therapy school, that I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, having wonderful roommates, and for getting to work at the TC! — Samantha Ward, Tutor

I’m thankful for my parents that raised me with a set of values that has made me the man I am today. I am thankful for my wonderful fiancé, who has shown me a new side to life and whom I look forward to a life together. I’m thankful for everyone who has impacted me, and I am thankful for the many opportunities I have to be successful and have a positive impact on others. — Taylor Fortney, Tutor

I am grateful for the best work environment and the best coworkers. I am grateful for love and support all around me. I am grateful for change and the opportunities it brings for growth and learning. I am grateful for our great country. I am grateful for my blessings. — Michael Abbott, Academic Counselor

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to attend such a wonderful university. I have truly loved my experience here at Tech, not only academically, but professionally as well. I have been able to meet so many great people and work with students who have impacted me in so many positive ways. — Brieann McDaniel, Tutor

I’m grateful for family, friends, good food, warm beds, and an awesome work environment. The TC staff and students make it fun and easy to come to work every day, and for that I’m thankful. — Jared Olafsson, Tutor

I am grateful for meaningful work with outstanding coworkers, for students who strive for their highest potential even when it is not easy, for passionate tutors who are invested in their work and in turn are transforming lives, and for loving and generous families who support the TECHniques Center. — Laura Casanova, Academic Counselor 

I am grateful for the three and a half years I’ve spent at Texas Tech. I have had such an amazing experience and I know that the friendships I have formed are ones that I will have long after my graduation in a few weeks. — Julie Szamatulski, Tutor 

I am grateful for my family and friends, for my church family, and for a job that I love! — Jacob Fisher, Academic Counselor

I’m greatful for my wonderful family and for my students who are working so hard to be successful. — Nicholas Robertson, Tutor

I am thankful for all the amazing people I get to work with everyday.  Full-time staff, tutors, students, everyone.  The ways in which everyone supports and cares for one another makes everyday at the TECHniques Center special. — Carol Scott, Academic Counselor, Program Director

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