Thoughts from Tutors

Tutor Training 2015

Rachel Onishi
Master Tutor

Every semester at the TECHniques Center begins with Tutor Training. Most people would probably cringe at the thought of two days spent in meetings from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, I honestly look forward to the hours spent engaged in getting to know fellow tutors and gleaning wisdom from the experienced counselors.


Day one is solely for new tutors; they are introduced to the staff and the world of the TECHniques Center. We get to talk about how unique our programs is, being one of only few of it’s kind in the nation, and why we are proud to be a part of positive change in the lives of many. After vision-casting we cover all of the important policies, procedures, expectations, and logistics, this is followed by top-to-bottom training on learning disabilities that equips our tutors to step into their new tutoring relationships with confidence.


Day two is tutor boot camp. Since our goal is to provide the best partnership and learning experience to the students at the TECHniques Center, this day is a vital part of cultivating what we stand for. Everyone comes ready to learn, even the seasoned veteran’s who have been with us for the majority of their college experience. The day is filled with back-to-back training sessions on a variety of valuable topics that provide our tutors with the knowledge and the skills to do their job in excellence. Every aspect of tutoring is addressed, from the use of practical tools and resources to the emotional experience of empathy and empowerment.img_4701_360

By the end of Tutor Training we are all prepared and excited to kick-start the semester with our students!

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