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Monthly Team Meetings

If you’re a parent, administrator, or possibly even a student, you may wonder how we continue to train our College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certified tutors. A few posts ago, Rachel Onishi wrote about the conference style trainings we do at the beginning of each semester. This is where most of the training hours occur. We also have monthly meetings that fulfill the other required training hours for our tutors.

Tutors are split in to teams. Each counselor works closely with a master tutor to develop programming, trainings, and activities that tie in to the needs of the students during that particular time of the year. I thought I could walk you through one process of how these monthly meetings work.

Samantha Ward is my Master Tutor for Team White. About a week and a half before our scheduled team meeting, Sam schedules a planning meeting with me. We review the topic for this month, “Goal Setting”, and instantly think about ways we can get the tutors to engage and participate in the session. In the past, we have used a long term planning sheet that the activewear company Lululemon creates for their team. We Google search for relevant youtube videos, plan to bring a snack since our meeting is before lunch, and review announcements and important dates that the tutors will need to know.

The meeting goes smoothly. Sam has made a newsletter with important dates, reminders, a printed off version of Carol Scott’s blog post titled “Eat the Frog”, and copies of the goal setting worksheet. Sam also made a jeopardy style game to help answer first meeting questions on logging hours, challenging tutoring situations, writing session notes, and life in the TC. This appeared to be incredibly helpful in answering many “first meeting” type questions right off the bat. Sam is a confident presenter and an astute tutor. She answers all of the tutors’ questions easily and is always helpful. Tutors received instruction on how to help guide their students in making short and long term goals in school, life, and health. We wrap up the meeting with announcements and head off to conquer tutor sessions.

Before even two hours have passed, a tutor has already used the goal setting sheet with one of his students and presents me with a copy. Success!

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