Tutor Spotlight

Master Tutor Spotlight: Taylor Fortney

I’m Taylor Fortney, and I am a first-year graduate student at Texas Tech. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Texas Tech last December, and am really excited to begin my graduate studies in Exercise Science! This is my fourth semester as a tutor at the TECHniques Center, and my first as a master tutor.

Personally, I have 3 major passions. First, my friends and family. I became the luckiest guy in the world on October 17th, 2014, when I proposed to my now fiancé, Nicole, and she said yes! Our wedding date is exactly a year from then, and I truly cannot wait. As much as I love Nicole, my first love was baseball. Our earliest home videos is me swinging a bat and throwing a ball! Baseball has been a part of every facet of my life, and is my intended career, as I strive to be a collegiate coach. Currently, I am the assistant head coach for Westchase Express, a collegiate summer baseball program in Houston. My newest passion is archery. I love shooting a bow, in any setting. I hunt the woods any chance I get, and I shoot competitively for the Tech Archery Club. There is nothing like hitting a bullseye!

Working at the TECHniques Center has been simply incredible. I am an introvert by definition, but the center has allowed me to grow as a person, student, and tutor. What started out as just a job has become a source of pride and happiness. I have developed amazing relationships, and I really feel like we have the opportunity to do so much good. Seeing the students grow and succeed makes every minute worthwhile! The counselors are simply unparalleled, and being selected as a master tutor has given me a whole new perspective. I look forward to the new challenges and adventures that are sure to come this semester!

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