Thoughts from Tutors

15 Things to Love about the TC in 2015

By Samantha Ward
Master Tutor

  1. We have MORE whiteboards! WHITEBOARDS EVERYWHERE!


  1. March Madness is happening!


Be looking for sign-up sheets in March!

  1. The TC will be participating in the Autism Walk at the end of the semester!


Are you ready??

  1. Popcorn Fridays are still going strong!


Best reason to have tutoring on a Friday!

  1. We got new fishies!!


Have you stopped by to meet our FIVE new fish?!

  1. The TECHniques Center has been awarded a Bronze NASPA Excellence Award in the International, Multicultural, Cultural, LGBTQ, Spirituality, Disability, and related category!


  1. There is always someone around to help you out if you are having a rough semester!


  1. Do you have a sweet tooth? Cause we always have candy!


  1. We are having another puppy party!!


  1. We have Appreciation Days every semester!


Getting rewarded with pizza, drinks, and snacks? Sounds good to me!

  1. We have a wonderful Senior Business Assistant who is always around for a good chat. And have you seen her hair?!


  1. Counselors are always there to talk and they aren’t afraid to have fun!


3. Everyone here is awesome.


                  Enough said.

  1. We added a new member to our fantastic team of counselors! Welcome Rachel Traxler!


  1. The TC is the BEST place to work and learn. There are so many different personalities and wonderful people to meet here!



 Because it is funny and has both dogs and babies!

 These are only some of the many reasons to love the TC! What do you love about the TECHniques Center?




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