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The Power of “Yet”

By Michael Abbott

Excerpts from Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing That You Can Improve.

This TED talk discusses the power of “not yet”. In the power of “not yet” we place ourselves on a learning curve, a path into the future, as opposed to a point of failure.

Are you obsessed with getting A’s? Is your biggest goal to get an A on the next exam? Understand that abilities can be developed. Stop running from difficulties. Engage in difficulties. Process it, learn from it, and correct it.

Dweck states that we have “raised a generation of workers seeking awards to get through the day”. She says that we need to praise the process, not the outcome (effort, strategies, improvement). By doing this, we are rewarding “yet” as opposed to a simple outcome.

She encourages us to build a path into the future that builds resistance.

Dweck notes that when educators create grow mindset classrooms, equality happens. Let the meaning of effort and difficulty be transformed within so that you make stronger connections that make you smarter. Live your life in ways that fills you with possibilities and the potential for “yet”.

For a more in depth analysis, view the link below.

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