Thoughts from Tutors

March Madness & Puppies

By Samantha Ward
Master Tutor

So you’re wondering what March Madness has to do with pups? At the TECHniques Center, quite a lot!

The TC just finished up its own March Madness fight. There were 15 students, tutors, and counselors who competed in this bracket! After the final game (Wisconsin vs. Duke)- Duke won leaving the top 3 participants:

  1. Dhweep Patel – 142 points
  2. Samantha Ward – 138 points
  3. Michael Abbott – 133 points

Winner gets bragging rights!

In order to create a bracket we asked each person to donate $2. We are going to use this money to buy supplies for the Haven Animal Shelter. We are also going to have boxes around with lists of needed supplies set up around the Tc so that students and tutors can donate.

On April 29th from 11-1 The Haven will be coming out to West Hall for a “puppy party”! At this time, we plan to donate all of the supplies we collected as a big “Thank You” for the Haven. This is the last week before the end of the semester and finals begin. The TC hosted a puppy party last semester for some stress relief and fun. It was a great success! This event allows students and tutors to take a break from the stress that comes with preparing for finals and give some attention to pups in need!

Here are some pictures of last year’s event:





I am extremely excited for this event and the help we will be able to give to The Haven as well as students and tutors. I hope to see everyone there!

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