TECHniques Center Counselors Present at the ATP Annual Conference

Two TECHniques Center counselors, Brandi Schreiber and Myself (Jacob Fisher), traveled to San Francisco California March 29th to April 2nd to present at the Association for the Tutoring Profession annual conference. The Association for the Tutoring Profession is one of the leading organizations in the country for training and certifying academic tutors of all disciplines from secondary school onward. The TECHniques Center is proud to be a part of this organization and being able to take part in the yearly conference.

I presented a session on the FISH2 Philosophy, a tutor training philosophy that we have used in the past for our tutor trainings to help consistently train tutors to be the best that they can be. We believe that an awesome tutor should be

Supportive &

and that they should

Independent Learning
Self Advocacy &
Habits of a Successful Student

Brandi led an awesome session on promoting an internal locus of control in students, helping them see that their academic career is controlled by no one but them. The more that a student sees that their academic future is a result of their academic decisions, the more that they can be empowered to make great decisions, building for themselves a great future.

San Francisco is an amazing city, full of technology (which I love), food, culture, and history. It was an honor being invited to present at ATP, and we look forward to future conferences!

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