Apps for Finals: 9 Technological Tools to Help Tackle Your Tests

As you are well aware, final exams are rapidly approaching. Studying for finals can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for many students. Luckily, there are tons of apps designed to help keep you productive and that can assist you in your finals studying journey.

Make a List.



This is my personal favorite to-do list manager. I use it to keep track of my whole life. It’s minimal enough to get out of your way and let you plan what you need to do, but powerful enough to let you organize, color code, and plan to your heart’s content. Best of all, it’s free.


Finish (A To-Do List for Procrastinators)

This one is a bit different from the other two. With Finish, you input everything that you need to do, and assign each task to a day. It’s organized with timeframes, so you can see what you have coming up soon, and what you need to be preparing for in the long term.



Carrot is a to-do list app with a personality. She will reward you for getting things done, but watch out! If you’re lazy, it’s snarky, sassy, and easily angered. If you’re looking for a more hilarious way to manage your tasks, this could be a good option.





Both of these are awesome online flashcard creation platforms. Both allow you to quiz yourself over your flashcards as well as create other games to help you learn terms. These tools are great for classes where a lot of memorization is required, such as History, Anatomy, and Biology.



This is a great, textbook-centric site that allows you to search for solutions to problems in textbooks. If you are in a math, physics, or other numbers-heavy course. Enter your book’s ISBN number and see if you can find some practice problems and solutions.

Stay Focused.



Persistence is a mac app that blocks time-wasting sites and redirects you to motivational quotes to keep you chugging along. Blocking yourself from time wasters may seem like overkill, but it’s amazing how much better you can focus when you are unable to access sites that scatter your attention. If you are on a Windows computer, try Cold Turkey.



This app is a cool approach to managing smartphone distractions. If you find yourself constantly checking texts, SnapChat, or other apps, download this app. Whenever you want to focus on your work, open the app and plant a tree. For every 30 minutes you don’t touch your phone, the tree grows. If you touch your phone, you kill the tree.



Moment is less of a distraction reducer, and more of an awareness builder. This app tracks how much your are using your phone and gently reminds you to reduce your use.

Bonus: Stay Active


7 Minute Workout

This app creates a brief, body weight, little to no equipment required workout that can help you get going if your start to feel sluggish. Studies have shown that in many cases, exercise is more effective than medicine for maintaining focus. If you are using the Pomodoro Method to stay productive, these 7 minute workouts fit almost perfectly in your breaks. It’s a great way to fight the finals “blergh.”

What are some of your favorite finals apps? What awesome apps do you not see listed here? Comment below and let us know!

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