Thoughts from Tutors

An Inside Look of a Friday at the TECHniques Center

Jared Olafsson
Master Tutor

The TECHniques Center is a place of productivity, focus, and hard work, but every now and then the students, tutors, and counselors like to have a little break! On Fridays, when the halls of West Hall fill with the smell of popcorn, it’s hard to miss the buzzing environment behind the tucked away door on the 2nd floor. With flavor add-ons like cheese, ranch, kettle corn, parmesan, and more to sprinkle on, what’s not to love?


The TECHniques Center had the privilege of participating in the Burkhart Center Walk for Autism Awareness on Sunday, so the games we prepared for our booth were in the main lobby! Of course, some of our tutors had to make sure their ring toss skills were up to par in preparation.


With finals right around the corner, everyone at the TECHniques Center continues to work diligently. Fridays are times for celebration, but there are still things that need to be done! Counselors are busy preparing for the upcoming week and students and tutors are hard at work preparing for their exams.


In anticipation of finals stress, we are holding a puppy party sponsored by the Haven Animal Shelter, so it’s safe to say that we have animal fever! Who could be stressed with happy little puppies running around?


At the TECHniques Center, more than anything, we enjoy each other’s company. We meet in the hallway on Friday mornings to hang out and eat breakfast, and in the lobby throughout the rest of the day to socialize! Counselors, tutors, and students form close bonds throughout the semester and can always be found together talking about anything and everything!

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