Thoughts from Counselors

Take A Break

With finals quickly approaching, students lose themselves under the weight of projects, papers and exams. But what would happen if they put everything on pause? Karen Horneffer-Ginter, Ph.D. explores this question in her Huffington Post article titled “50 Ways to Take a Break, and the Essential First Step of Remembering“.

Horneffer-Ginter accurately captures a cyclical mindset that I can so clearly relate to, “I used to think there’d come a moment when my to do list would get done and then I could take a break. Of course, in time, I came to see that this open space seldom arrives on its own — that life has a way of continually filling up unless I do something to make it otherwise.” In creating a thoughtful list of ways to take rest she was more cognizant and intentional. “By doing this, I’ve found that the idea of taking a break is on my radar, and it feels easier to relax without having to first generate an idea about how to relax.”

At times, justifying a pause is difficult and we convince ourselves that taking a walk, listening to music or watching a youtube video is impractical. Dr. Horneffer-Ginter squashes this notion by stating “I’ve come to see that the time-cost of taking a break is almost always outweighed by the joyful reward of greater clarity and energy when returning to the tasks of the day.” The key is finding an activity that rejuvenates, refreshes and inspires you. With finals on the horizon and the countdown to summer in single digits, treat yourself to a break sooner rather than later.

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