Thoughts from Tutors

Tips For Summer: Relax Without Losing Brainpower

Rachel Onishi
Master Tutor

Summer time is a sweet time, no school and no worries. However, all the free time can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some tips for staying sharp for the inevitable transition back to school in the fall:

  1. Pick a few books for pleasure reading and ACTUALLY READ THEM… by the pool, of course.
  2. Try a new hobby or hone an old skill. Sign up for an art or music class with a friend. You may discover a part of you that gets suppressed during the business of the school year.
  3. Challenge yourself to a couple new recipes. Even if you have never ever cooked or baked before. If you’re home, ask a family member to spend some quality time with you in the kitchen.
  4. Go on runs or take walks. This is a way to stay healthy while indulging in the summer weather. No gym membership necessary.
  5. Find a fun card game and get your friends and family hooked. Math doesn’t always have to be boring.
  6. Get a schedule of events happening at venues near you. Check out the local museums and art galleries.
  7. If you are musically inclined, have jam sessions with friends. Even if you aren’t musically inclined, I bet there’s a place for karaoke somewhere near you.

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