Staff Spotlight Series: Hannah Bergren, Academic Counselor

Did you graduate from Tech?
I did! Twice now. My first degree is in Retail Management-Corporate track. I wanted to be a buyer for a big department store or a chain of cool boutiques. I still love clothes/fashion, but I’m grateful that I crossed path’s with the TECHniques Center. I just finished my Interdisciplinary Studies masters degree. I had three concentrations- Higher Education, Counselor Education, and Sports Management. I believe it helps me diversify and understand many different aspects of working for a university.

Where are you from?
That is a hard question to answer. I’ve lived in 2 countries, 4 states, 9 cities, and 20 different houses and/or apartments, so I usually answer with “I moved around a lot growing up but went to high school in Clifton, Texas”. However, I’ve now lived in Lubbock the longest, and I call it home.

P.S. I’m not a military brat either. My dad is a chiropractor and my mom is an acupuncturist.

Last book you read?
I did my best to read quite a few books this summer. I even renewed my library card and checked out books on my lunch break at times. One of my favorites was The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. It was a gentle commentary about the miracle of humanity continuing to exist, persist, grow, and experience new things during times of extreme adversity, which, in the book, is the earth’s rotation slowing. Each day grows longer and the protagonist continues to grow up and experience innately human and universal things. It was sweet and a little haunting.

Interesting fact?
I’ve never broken a bone but my dog broke his pinky toe this summer. We had to go to the vet every week to get his wrap changed. He may be the only animal that lives to go to the vet. He loves the attention. Anyways, I only have random accidents. Like needing 6 stitches in my finger after slicing it open with a butter knife when I was pitting an avocado. Lesson learned? Always use sharp blades to do that. Better traction on the pit.

Best part about being a Senior Academic Counselor?
The best part about being an academic counselor is getting to know and care for so many different types of people. Each student and tutor is unique and fascinating in his or her own right. I love hearing their stories and getting to cheer them on through each struggle and success in their lives.

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