How We Are Giving Back This Semester: Coin Wars, Bingo and Food with Friends

Jordan George
Master Tutor

As September comes to an end and routine starts to take its toll on many Texas Tech students, the TECHniques Center is looking to shake things up a bit. That is why posters reading “Hot Dogs for Hawks” will soon be hung throughout the halls. Yes, you read that right. Let me explain.

The TECHniques Center is taking part in Texas Tech’s efforts to raise money for the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC). SECC represents the combined effort of state employees to raise money for charities and causes that provide health and human services. The first time the charity ran in 1994, it raised $2,027,751. Since then, the campaign has continued to grow in size, and is now one of the largest campaigns funded by state employees in the nation. Each year, organizations and employees can take a pledge to raise a certain amount of money. TTU Student Disability Services’ personal goal for 2015 is $1,456, and the TECHniques Center is doing their best to make that come true. That is where the hot dogs come back in…

This year, the TECHniques Center will participate in a variety of, well, fundraising techniques. Tutor/Student Appreciation Day, which will be held on October 7th, will feature Bingo in which students and tutors are encouraged to donate $1 to play. The winner will get to vote on which counselor will wear the infamous hot dog costume for a day. The proceeds will be donated to HawkWatch International, one of the charities supported by SECC; hence the name, “Hot Dogs for Hawks.”

The TECHniques Center is raising money for other charities as well. The second annual “Coin Wars” is currently in full swing. Students and tutors bring coins and bills and strategically place it in one of the counselor’s jars. Coins count positively, and dollars count negatively; whoever has the lowest score at the end will have endure the wrath of the winning team. A specific SECC charity has not been chosen for the profits generated through Coin Wars, but hopefully the hot dog suit does not make its appearance in this fundraising effort as well. I say that in sarcasm of course, because who doesn’t love a good hot dog costume?

The TECHniques Center is making other endeavors to reach its fundraising goal. Later this month, on October 27th, a fundraiser at Ruby Tequila’s on University will be held for Autism Speaks, another SECC charity. Students, tutors, and counselors are all encouraged to attend. For every purchase that is made with the reference to the TECHniques Center, a percent of the profits from food and beverage purchases for that night will be donated. This will not only be an opportunity to both socialize with friends and coworkers, but also to raise money for a great cause.

UntitledLast year, Student Disability Services more than met its goal in donations. This year, we hope to do the same. Not only is the SECC an amazing opportunity to donate to charities that change the lives of thousands of people, but it is an opportunity stir up the mundaneness of September.

Bring on the hot dogs.

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