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Student Success Story – Eric Renteria

Would you be willing to share a little bit of your journey from being a student with us to where you are now?

I attended Texas Tech University from 2010 to 2012 and majored in Exercise Sports Science. I always had a hard time with school and never understood why. I studied and tried very hard, but I was always an average student.

Before moving to Lubbock, I visited with a doctor at the Texas Tech Health Science Center in my hometown of Amarillo, Texas. I was tested and diagnosed with ADHD. My first semester at Tech was a hard one. I struggled a lot, as a result, I did not do well. I was placed on academic probation and I had a meeting with my advisor. After sharing that I had ADHD, that I was trying very hard, yet still felt discouraged, she picked up the phone and called Brandi Schreiber. After hanging up the phone she gave me some walking directions and I ended up in West Hall. I was met by Brandi, we sat in her office as she talked through everything with me and reassured me that everything would be alright. This was the first time anyone had taken the time to talk to me about ADHD and organization. She explained how the TECHniques Center could help me be successful in school and in my daily life. After leaving her office, I made a promise to myself and to Brandi that I wouldn’t let her down. Throughout my experience at the TECHniques Center I had many wonderful tutors that helped me be successful. I am still in touch with all of them on a weekly basis.

A dream that began at the TECHniques Center has now walked the runway at NY Fashion Week.

While studying ESS, I also started a small fashion line on campus based around vintage letterman sweaters. My designs were being featured in Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, Playboy, Nylon, and I showed in NY fashion week. I was insanely busy, but Brandi helped me plan my course load and my tutors kept me on top of everything, making sure my work was being completed. I was always at the TECHniques Center. I often enjoyed being there alone, simply to study and look out the windows at the flowers just outside of the building.
After finishing at Texas Tech, I moved to Dallas to continue my fashion career. Currently, I am working on my spring line to show in New York, in February. I am also working in a small hospital here in Dallas using my education in ESS and nutrition. I still design letterman sweaters but only to help raise money to donate to causes that are dear to my heart. I hold my time at Texas Tech so dear to my heart. Its funny, when I have a hard day, I sit down and close my eyes and think about those days sitting in old West hall, looking out of the windows at all the pretty flowers or Will Rogers covered in red and black streamers.


What does the TECHniques Center mean to you?

The Techniques center saved my life. I was taught organization, how to hold myself accountable for my actions, how to set goals, and how to take the steps to reach them. Everyday, throughout my daily activities, I use the techniques that I learned during my time in the program. I make lists, keep a calendar, and even watch YouTube videos if I can’t figure out how to do a certain task. I learned that one from my tutor!

Can you share a specific story or memory of the TECHniques Center?

After my first semester, going into Christmas vacation, I was scared that I didn’t make the grades I needed and would be forced to leave school. I had worked so hard and spent numerous hours in the library and the Techniques center. The day before grades were posted I received a call from Brandi. I was driving to visit my grandparents. Brandi had called to tell me that I had made a 3.0! I had to pull-over because I started crying! I was so proud of myself! I will never forget that day.

How did the TECHniques Center equip or encourage you to pursue what you are passionate about?

Brandi always helped me see the big picture. She helped me balance school and the pursuit of my passion in fashion. It was never a “you-have-to-pick-one-or-the-other” situation. I was being featured in books about Texans doing great things, alongside Kendra Scott, but Brandi somehow kept me focused on finishing my chemistry work. At times, she would even help me design my next dress. She was always there for me.

What words of wisdom would you share with a current TECHniques student?

Everyday, get up and dress like you are going to the office. Going to class is your job! Doing homework is your job! College is fun, but there is a reason why you are there. I always wore a tie to class and made a point to introduce myself to my professors, advisors, and anyone else I could meet.

What life accomplishment are you most proud of?

Fitting Kendall Jenner with one of his unique designs.
Fitting Kendall Jenner with one of his unique designs.

I am proud that I can make money doing what I am passionate about. I am able to give back to the university that I hold so dear to my heart.

Guns Up!

How come you chose to donate to our program?

I chose to give back to the TECHniques Center because I know how hard the students work. I know that the program is not free and I remember knowing students who struggled to purchase textbooks and have something to eat for lunch. If I can help just one person make grades, then I will have accomplished my goal.

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