Staff Spotlight Series: Rachel Onishi, Academic Counselor

My name is Rachel Onishi. I joined the TECHniques Center staff as a Senior Academic Counselor this Fall. However, my journey with the TECHniques Center began my junior year of college, when I began tutoring. Tutoring quickly became much more than a job. I discovered the privilege of being a part of growth in the lives of others. It moved me to change my focus of study to Human Sciences with a minor in Psychology. I intend to pursue a Masters in Theology and Biblical Counseling, using the platform to intertwine Psychology and overseas missions. I am passionate about countries, cultures, and the people that embody them. Although I was born on US soil, my roots run deep into the heart of Venezuela. I primarily grew up in Maracaibo, Venezuela, graduating from an entirely Spanish-speaking high school. Despite the initial culture shock, Lubbock, Texas quickly became home for me during my undergraduate years. I am so glad to stay within the Red Raider family as a professional.

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I plan to travel to as many countries as possible throughout my lifetime. First on the list are Israel, Greece, Japan, Italy, and Egypt. I have already visited Brazil, Spain, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, and the ABC Islands. When I go “home” to be with family for the holidays, I fly to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Instead of television, I really enjoy reading. Currently I am working through the theologically heavy Confessions by St. Augustine and the lighter novel Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber. I always appreciate suggestions of good literature. Other pastimes include cooking and playing guitar, both at the amateur level, but they bring me joy, nonetheless.

Greatest weaknesses: I would essentially be legally blind if it were not for the wonderful invention of high-prescription contacts. Also, I would be forever lost without a GPS.

Happy place: Somewhere in the sun, with friends and family, alternating between competitive sports/games and complete chill, accompanied by good music and a good book.

I love working as a Senior Academic Counselor, because it allows me to forget myself for most of the day, as I pour all my ability into cultivating growth in students and tutors. There is something beautiful about self-forgetfulness, for the sake of others, and I am glad to call it my job.

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