Master Tutor Spotlight: Jordan George

My name is Jordan George, and I am one of the current Master Tutors at the TECHniques Center. I am originally from Los Alamos, New Mexico, the small town where the atomic bomb was created. I started my college career at Texas Tech University in the fall of 2012 and switched my major three times before finally settling on Nutritional Sciences Dietetics. I look forward to graduating in May 2016 and continuing my education through a dietetic internship and Master’s program, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.

During the time I am not working as a Master Tutor or in class, you may find me volunteering with one of many campus organizations. I am currently the President of Phi Upsilon Omicron, the Honors Society for the College of Human Sciences. I am also extremely involved in the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and United Future Leaders, a program that reaches out to youth in Lubbock with the intention of cultivating healthy, capable leaders.

I live a very busy life, and I could not get through it all without my family, friends, faith, and of course a little bit of fun. Here are some more fun—or odd—things about me:

  • Menchies frozen yogurt covered with hot fudge and Oreos is one of my favorite desserts.
  • My hobbies include working out, cuddling with my two Cairn terrier puppies, and watching my Denver Broncos (which are now 6-0, by the way).
  • My favorite vacation spot is Clearwater Beach in Florida.
  • My younger brother is in the Army; I would consider him my greatest annoyance, but more importantly, my motivation to work hard in my daily life.
  • As much as I would love my glass to be half full, it’s usually not. Unless Oreos are involved.
  • I listen to the music my parents listened to. John Cougar is my all-time favorite.

Life is stressful, but I think it is important to take time for the smaller things in life. The TECHniques Center recognizes this and truly cares about its students and its tutors. Working first as a tutor and now as a Master Tutor has pushed me to be a better individual in my professional life and also my personal life, and I am proud to be an employee here. What I have come to understand is that this job is a give and take; students, tutors, and counselors all learn from one another, and there is always someone to pick you up when you are down. The unconditional support, the hard work, and the laughter make the TECHniques Center truly something I am thankful to be a part of.

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