Master Tutor Spotlight: Matthew Trela

Hello all. My name is Matthew Trela and I am in my third semester as a tutor and first as a Master Tutor here at the TC. I am a junior majoring in Petroleum Engineering and I plan to minor in Math and Geology. Since my dad is an engineer and my mom is a teacher, I think that my current position as a tutor/ engineering student proves that I truly am a product of my parents!

I have a few things about me below that generally sum up who I am:

  • I grew up in Midland, TX with my two younger brothers and the three best dogs on the planet: two retrievers named Daisy and Bailey and a miniature dachshund named Hopper.MTpup
  • Any opportunity I have, which is usually when I don’t have school to be concerned with, I enjoy reading a good book. My favorite ones are either sci-fi mystery or law novels. My dad has created a library in my old room once I moved to college, so anytime I return to Midland I always end up taking a few books back with me.
  • My career goal is to be a successful engineer for 25-30 years, and then become a professor in the Petroleum department here at Texas Tech.
  • Three of my top five strengths are achiever, learner, and responsibility, which I happen to share with one of my fellow master tutors…
  • My favorite place to study is in solitary confinement- I mean the study carrels- on the second floor stacks in the library.
  • You can usually find me at the TC with coffee and/or the bagged lunch I bring every day in hand.

And finally:

My favorite thing about being a tutor with the TECHniques center is that I get to instill the fire and passion I have for learning (about anything!) into my peers and see their growth as independent learners. I myself have grown tremendously, especially with building stronger interpersonal skills, since becoming a tutor and I look forward to continued semesters at the most rewarding place on Texas Tech’s campus!

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