Thankfulness. The heartbeat of the TECHniques Center.

Thankful: (adj.) glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc.

Thanksgiving is almost an uneventful season at the TECHniques Center for a wonderful reason. People here really understand ‘thankfulness’, every day. Here are a few quotes from counselors, tutors, and students:

…Glad that something has happened…

“That I was diagnosed with learning disabilities. My personal experiences have led me to this incredible position where I find such joy in helping others how someone once helped me. The opportunity to give back in this unique was is a blessing.”

“The amazing opportunity to work here. This has been the best employment experience of my college career.”

“I have come to understand that no matter how hard things can get, there is always a way… some of the problems I thought to be impossible to overcome in my life seem to be but a fraction of the problems others face.”

“That I got accepted into the program, because I’ve met nice, helpful people.”

“I am so thankful that life has brought me on this twisty-turny journey back to the TECHniques Center.  My work, my friends, my co-workers, my students, my tutors … all the amazing things I get to do each day make me feel so grateful that this is where I am right now, that this is where I belong.”

“Being employed here has provided connection with a diverse group of individuals.”

“My heart feels full every day – from the job acceptance phone call, to tutor training, to meeting my students and working with them daily, this has been such a fulfilling experience with welcoming individuals.”

“That I was hired as a tutor! I have gotten to know some amazing people in just a short time.”

…Or not happened…

“The challenges didn’t stop me, but overcoming them with my tutor fostered growth and success.”

“I am thankful that several of my prayers weren’t answered at one time or another; otherwise, I wouldn’t be living the life I am right now.”

“Some days are harder than others, but at the end of the day those moments are the most rewarding and provide chances to grow.”

“Minimal grade checks labeled ‘at-risk’. That’s cool.”

“Thankful I didn’t drop one of my classes. I started slow and it forced me to reevaluate how I was doing things and go earn the grade I wanted. It has really paid off.”

“That I didn’t go to Texas A&M. It’s usually referred to as a joke, but for me it was real. I know I would have liked it there but not nearly as much as I love it here at Tech!”

“I haven’t been sick this semester! This job isn’t just about me; my presence impacts others, so I have to keep myself healthy!”

“Not being isolated. The TECHniques Center is a support group to interact with.”

…That something exists…

“The whiteboard tables! Game-changers.”

“That Kami’s chocolate jar exists for the moments in the day when I need a little extra boost to keep going.”

“The TECHniques Center, because without it I would probably be lost in all my classes and mostly likely failing.”

“Internet resources that break through the stale lecture-learning and bring more interactive fun to sessions.”

“The TECHniques Center and Student Disability Services, that increase accessibility to higher education and allow students to achieve their highest potential.”

“I am thankful for my job: for the great interactions and ability to help change lives. I am grateful that my job helps me provide for my family.”

“My student’s unique characteristics and personalities that lead me to laughter any day.”

“That the TECHniques Center is a place I can go and be accepted.”

“The TECHniques Center, not only because it provides me with a job, but because it helps students achieve their goals and dreams, in spite of the adversities they have to overcome with their disabilities.”

“The kindheartedness of all the counselors, faculty, and other tutors, make this job fun and rewarding.”

“My planner and Google calendar. It has been a busy but rewarding semester.”

…That someone exists…

“Wonderful staff. Hard-working students and tutors.”

“Realistic positivity and students/tutors willingness to continue to reach for, and adapt, goals and expectations.”

“Energetic tutors that fit in and accentuate the TECHniques culture.”

“My students and the learning opportunities they present to me. The master tutors and their excellence and role-model-esque existence. The counselors and their exceptional level of understanding and commitment.”

“My tutor and my advisor because they help me a lot and truly care about me and how I am doing mentally, physically, and academically.”

“The advisors and our wonderful front desk staff, Kami. I really think this job would be impossible without their support and guidance.”

“My fellow master tutors. I would not be able to get through my day-to-day challenges without their unconditional support. They help me strive to be my very best in every challenge I take on.”

“The outstanding students, tutors and staff that I have the honor to work with each and every day. I find inspiration and happiness in watching those around me flourish.”

“My students challenge me in new ways every day and the counselors are always there to support and better my experience.”

“My counselor, she is awesome about keeping me up to date and always offers feedback. She makes me feel appreciated, which is so important!”

“The counselors and the advice and encouragement they provide every day.”


Don’t forget to add a thankful feather to our friendly turkey!

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