Finals…They Have Arrived

Deep breathes! Don’t panic! You’ve got this!

I can’t believe that it is already time, once again, for finals. Fall 2015 has been a blur. You have been preparing all semester for this moment. No need to fret! Here are a few things to remember while getting ready for finals.


  1. When are your finals?

*Check and double check the day, time, and place that your finals will take place! Arrive early and be ready to go!


  1. Make a plan and get organized.

*Once you are aware of when and where you finals happen, plan out your study schedule. What will be test on the exam? What do you need to focus on each day until the day of the final? When will you meet with your tutor(s)? Do you need to meet with your professor of TA for any extra clarification?


  1. Work your plan!

*Make sure you have all the materials you need before sitting down and studying.  Plan where you will study. Pick a place that you know will be conducive to productive studying and won’t be a distraction for you. Do small chunks at a time to ensure you won’t get overwhelmed. Use materials such as flash cards, colored pens and paper, white boards, sticky notes, etc. to help you as you study and rewrite the information.


  1. Stay active and eat well.

*Move around every so often while studying. Try and eat foods that give you energy rather than those that will make you too full or feel sluggish. Drink lots of water and get outside and get some fresh air when you can.


  1. Sleep!!! You must have rest. All night study sessions do not work and can heighten the risk of oversleeping and missing your final all together.   Also, being groggy and drowsy during your exam can hinder your recall of information.


  1. Don’t panic!!

*If you have prepared and have worked hard the entire semester, have confidence in your efforts, grab your scantron and pencil, walk into the room, sit down at the desk and take your exam like boss!

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