7 Reasons Why We Love the TC around the Holidays

Becca Scott
Master Tutor

  1. Laura’s Oatmeal

‘Tis the season for our counselor Laura to bring in her crockpot full of delicious oatmeal! Every couple of weeks, she will bring the oatmeal, along with an assortment of toppings, for everyone to enjoy. It helps get us through the cold Lubbock mornings!

  1. Christmas Bingo

This past week, our Master Tutor Dhweep dressed up as Saint Nick himself! Dhweep ran Christmas Bingo on the last day of class, to both provide a bit of break from stress, and to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Lubbock. It was a success! We relaxed and laughed, and raised over $75!


  1. Finals Tutoring

Okay, hear me out. This may not seem like a happy thing, but it really is! Finals tutoring means that we can look back at the semester, at all the hard work we’ve put in, and be glad that is almost over. All our efforts are about to come to fruition!

  1. Student-Tutor Appreciation Day

One of our favorite days of the semester! Along with Santa Dhweep’s Christmas Bingo, we celebrated our students and tutors with a pizza party and snacks! It was a nice way to relax with our friends, co-workers, and tutors.


  1. Christmas Tree

We are in the full-swing holiday spirit, and it shows! We have a Christmas tree, among other holiday decorations, all around the TECHniques Center to remind us of life beyond exams.


  1. The Smell of Stress is Washed out by Kami’s Marvelous Wax Melts

The first face you see when you walk in the TC is that of our awesome Administrative Assistant, Kami! During the holiday season, she has taken to using a wax melter to fill the TC with gentle, delicious baked good smells. To walk into the TC is to walk into the smell of home.

  1. Everyone Working Together to be The Best We Can Be

The holiday spirit is best exemplified at the TECHniques Center in the way we all work together. Everyone wants to master finals, learn all we can, finish out the semester the best we can! Together, we will come out the other side of this stressful time with aplomb

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