TECHniques Center Fall 2015: A Semester in Review

Matthew Trela
Master Tutor

Before school started, our team here at the TECHniques Center was already getting a head start on the semester! We started off with two days of CRLA training for our new and returning tutors. Everyone was introduced to their counselors and team members and learned a lot in the process!

tutors collaborating on a project during tutor training

Fantasy Football featuring 16 teams and fierce (but friendly!) competition raised $31 for RISE Adaptive Sports. As of this writing, Team George and Team Grimsley are tied for first in the East division, and Team Ray is leading the West.

The first student tutor appreciation day on October 7th featured the rise of Bingomaster Dhweep, and donations were raised for Hawkwatch International totaling $50.91. As a result, one of our counselors, Rachel Traxler, graciously agreed to wear a hot dog suit during a big event later in the semester…

tutors enjoying appreciation day. Becca giving a thumbs up and Jordan smiling!

International Tutor Appreciation week was held during October 5-9, and tutors received thank you notes and special treats from counselors and students thanking them for their hard work.

Coin Wars was held again this fall as a part of the TECHniques Center’s participation in the annual SECC campaign. Counselor-tutor teams were pitted against one another, with Team Green coming out on top. Team Teal was left to deal with a lighthearted “punishment” requirement, the details of which were revealed in the second student tutor appreciation day… Through student, tutor, and counselor contributions, Coin Wars raised $200.51 for the Women’s Protective Services here in Lubbock.

Counselor appreciation day, November 12, was organized by the Master Tutors and was successfully kept a surprise! Students and tutors expressed their gratitude for the incredible work that our counselors do. Even though every day should be counselor appreciation day, it was awesome to have everyone thank our counselors in a meaningful way on one day!


The second student tutor appreciation day was held on Dead Day’s Eve, where Santa Dhweep again made an appearance as the Bingomaster. Tacky Christmas sweaters, pizza, snacks, and a fundraiser for Toys for Tots that raised over $87 made for a memorable event. Even more memorable was the reveal of Team Teal’s hilarious Old English rendition of “Watch Me Whip”, with a special appearance by a certain counselor in a hot dog suit.

Tutor Appreciation Day. Dhweep in the background dressed as Bingo Santa while students and tutors enjoying pizza.

With the final finals being completed, and students/tutors leaving for a much deserved break, the counselors and TECHniques Center will remain hard at work preparing for another great semester this spring! From everyone here at the TC, thank you to all of our students, tutors, and counselors for making this fall 2015 semester one to remember! See y’all in January, and enjoy the break.

Tutor writing on white board table and wall during tutoring session

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