What I Stand For

Written By Michael Abbott

What I Stand For

By Robin Good

Robin Good is an independent thinker, online publisher (MasterNewMedia.org), an avid tester and promoter of new tools (T5 – tools.robingood.com) and entrepreneur (POP Campus), focusing on new and effective uses of new media technologies for journalism, collaboration, marketing and learning. He is also the founder of an online campus devoted specifically to support the development of non-funded, information-based, sustainable projects led by non-technical people.


While traveling on a Segway with his friend, Alberto, Robin strolled through a park in Spain. He noticed something that distracted him and caused him to wreck and break his femur and other bones. He was told he would not be able to walk for a long time and that he would have to relearn to walk. The doctors took great interest in his life, and sensed that someone really cared and wasn’t just working for the money.

He worried about how he would manage his students online while he was away. They provided him with a corridor away from others so that he could do his work. He learned more about learning. Traditionally you sit in a classroom and read a textbook. The people here were studying their own bodies and the patients. The “were like sponges soaking information from everybody” They would not stop asking questions and they would exchange information. Experts worked with novices under an informal setting, the importance was on exchanging information.

There was a great ability for some of the people to listen. Often times people talk. One talks and the other is on pause. When one stops talking, the other begins and gives and opinion or makes a judgment or recommendation, and “kind of chatting together”. Inside the hospital was different. People actually listened, not by keeping mouth shut, by waiting to understand what was being said. “What should I say so that he feels better?”. Most don’t really listen. We need to better learn to understand each other.

He states, “Technology, media, the internet and our careers keep us in a constant state of distraction.

A running after things which are not the real things we say we care about.

If I were to stop and remind myself which are the things that I’d care to devote more attention to, and to change myself first, I would focus my interest on five things that, in my view, would make the greatest difference:

  1. Helping others
  2. Learning to learn
  3. Listening
  4. Sharing
  5. Living passionately”

It may be wise to disconnect from time to time to avoid distractions in order to better understand others and make richer connections.

For more information, please check out the video.

Video can be found at:



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